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Contact us for all of your bat removal and animal pest control problems in the Greater Roanoke Valley area. You can reach us at (540) 613-1390 or fill out the form below. Our wildlife experts in Roanoke Virginia handles nearly all aspects of wildlife control, animal removal, animal control, wildlife management, animal management, pest control, and resolves conflicts between people and wildlife in a safe, humane and professional manner. We provide wildlife removal, wildlife management, animal capture, animal control, animal trapping, and dead animal removal in Roanoke, New River Valley, Lynchburg, Smith Mountain Lake, and other surrounding cities and counties in Southwest Virginia. Some of the animal we remove include bats, birds, beavers, squirrels, snakes, skunks, raccoons, deer, geese, moles, voles, groundhogs and opossums. Our operating hours are 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have a problem with any wild animals, please contact us! We are considered by many to be the best local bat removal and pest control provider in Roanoke Virginia.


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